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Saturday, May 22, 2010

+ labuan!!


wow!! i spent a week now at labuan island...(1 /3)
gosh its damn hot here!!

seem like i growth from other place,this kind of hot that make my self cant tolerance at all..
tiap ahri mesti mkn btg yg harga 2osen tuhh!!punya la..


on the top of everything...i feel very2 happy spent my quality time with family...jaebum of coz!
being a part from them for 4 month is quit challenging!!agagagaga!!

okeh, one moree damn thing about this place,line digi mcm kimmmmsss...(u guess!)

lalala...need to go...my sis bsing!!!

nenek dduk kat kusi mls...(wat2 mls...)tgok industan!cute jua grandma aq nie...


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