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Saturday, May 22, 2010

+ labuan!!


wow!! i spent a week now at labuan island...(1 /3)
gosh its damn hot here!!

seem like i growth from other place,this kind of hot that make my self cant tolerance at all..
tiap ahri mesti mkn btg yg harga 2osen tuhh!!punya la..


on the top of everything...i feel very2 happy spent my quality time with family...jaebum of coz!
being a part from them for 4 month is quit challenging!!agagagaga!!

okeh, one moree damn thing about this place,line digi mcm kimmmmsss...(u guess!)

lalala...need to go...my sis bsing!!!

nenek dduk kat kusi mls...(wat2 mls...)tgok industan!cute jua grandma aq nie...


Friday, April 30, 2010

haha..u got me

hello blog...

10.15 AM

bpa kol..
bpa: hello ting buat pa?
me:hai pa,baru bngun...
bpa:lewat jua ko bngun?..
me:pmpuan cntik kena ckup tidur...hehehe!...
bpa:pempuan cntikk? bkn pmpuan gemuk ka?....
me:@%$!p&^%...U GOT ME!

Monday, April 19, 2010

air oh air...

assalamualaikum!!!spa kat dlm??

org kat luar tgah hot ni...aisssh!!
mslh yg amat besar jugak pda aq pabila CH xda air..hmmm
what i mean by xda air is....u cnnot msk, cnnot skit perut nk berak..u kena train perut mmbuang time ada air jk...(mcm mo buat movie jak~~how to train ur anus not to contort !!!)haha..pa pe lah..
at the same time train ur perut mkn time ada air je k...punya la kimmmzzz...mynph thp gaban nie..

nnti tgh mlm bru la tkedek2 ada air..tgh mlm org tido la ngokk..

tu jak la ketidakpuasan hati aq ari nie...
besok aq ngomel lg ekk!!



silent is golden...

but don't you ever dare trigger my silent~~~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

~~listen what my heart want to say..

hye suma!!
Assalamualaikun n slm 1 malaysia..
its been like ages i x update blog nie..huhu
1st been buzy like crazy..2nd sum1 hppen yg make my mood totally @#$#@@,haha!
nevermind..let continue celoteh k..

lately(jgn heran aq nk improve b.i ni..dats y im using rojak ):P
a lot of thing hppend..huh!quite tough one..aishh im really down on this moment:(
and the worst part is i cant find person that can calm me down...lalala,SAD!
family.friends.huh!~~is this a part of u plan GOD??huhu..i like its u make my life more enjoyable..
assigment jgn ckp..group project yg blmbak..1thing bout me yg me my self pun x berkenn is buat keja last2 minutes..arrgh!

need to go..im officially declare my blog as my diary started from today!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010


sgt2 sibukk...

cant' wait 4 da next entry lol...;p

Friday, February 26, 2010